[based on a true story]

Being the Creative Director of my life keeps me busy. When I'm not doodling my initials or downloading coffee, I enjoy chipping away towards becoming a better human being. That's my story, mostly true.
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I’ve been in Los Angeles for a little over 6 months now.

Month 1: "Deer in Headlights".  This is the month where I attempted to ground myself in a city that lives in the clouds. More things happened internally than externally! Ha.

Month 2: "You better move out of the road, little deer, or that Prius is going to smash you". This is the month where I bought Ikea furniture and took a Groundling’s class.  The pace is a bit quicker than expected for a flip flop town. Get it!

Month 3: "Bottoms Up". If you are going to start somewhere, you might as well feed at the bottom with me. Internships & retail with a side of humble pie. Are we there yet?

Month 4: "There’s a thin line between failure and success. And it’s only thin because it can’t afford to eat." Sometimes it’s OK to experience a few growth pains. Gettin’ some muscle! Woot!

Month 5:  “Low budget features do not pay the bills, but casting couches do?” This is probably not the news you were hoping to hear. This is also probably the month that a lot of people start lowering their standards as far as how to earn money as a struggling artist in LA. I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Month 6: "The 101 to the 405 in rush hour? Gasp!" Starting to blend in with the Californians. It’s just the initial phase, so no permanent damage has been done. I’m writing a screenplay and I have these projects I’ve been working on…

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